Valla Walker, Psy.D

Dr. Valla is passionate about assisting families in achieving joy and satisfaction. She works with children and adolescents in improving school performance, life skills, and family tranquility, and works with parents to help improve their parenting skills.

Dr. Valla has special expertise working with children and adolescents, with psychological assessment (testing), ADHD coaching, anxiety and depression. She utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques and helps families and individuals to identify and harness their own strengths and positive factors towards growth and healing. Couples often work with Dr. Valla to enhance and strengthen their relationships, adults seek help with ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress and conflict, and older adults often seek help in navigating the aging process.

Dr. Valla loves doing short-term “solution focused” therapy working with clients without years of extended therapy. Tools and coping strategies from her anxiety and stress reduction toolbox can be taught easily in 6 to 8 sessions and many clients experience noticeable improvement after implementing and practicing with these tools. Working with children may take a bit longer and involves works with the parents and the child. Often we see dramatic improvement in the child’s school effort and a reduction in behavioral problems.

Dr. Valla utilizes a unique blend of cognitive behavioral therapy and is directive and engaged with her clients. Many of her clients have expressed their appreciation and gratitude for her honest, direct, and compassionate approach to therapy.

Dr. Valla is not only passionate about providing therapy and psychological testing; she also gets great joy from teaching, supervising psychologists in training, and leading workshops both locally and abroad. Some workshop topics include “Strengthening Relationships,” “Rules and Tools for Navigating Conflict,” and “Pet Peeves in Parenting.”

Dr. Valla was born and raised in San Francisco, sold real estate for 20 years and moved to Southern California to study to become a psychologist. She received her doctoral degree in 2005 from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology along with two Masters Degrees, one in psychology and one in theology. Dr. Valla provided therapy, assessment, and training through a successful private practice in Pasadena, California. She and her husband recently moved to the Pacific Northwest in order to enjoy cooler weather and the great outdoors. Her husband is a retired forester/horticulturist. They enjoy ballroom dancing, entertaining, volunteer work, and connecting with others.