Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment Services

PSPC conducts a wide variety of testing batteries for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning. Assessments are geared toward to a detailed understanding of person’s cognitive, emotional and personality functioning. Some of the areas that psychological assessment are used (but not limited to):



Learning Disabilities

Giftedness/Intellectual Disabilities


Personality Disorders

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We aim to help our patients (adult/adolescent/children) gain a much more robust and practical understanding of the unique ways in which any neurodevelopment, cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioral differences affect a specific individual’s adjustment, adaptation, success, and comfort in the world.

Although we certainly assist with clarifying which, if any, diagnosis best describes the challenges affecting an individual’s life, one of our central goals is to go beyond diagnosis alone. Instead, we work to help develop solutions based on a more complex understanding of a person’s developmental and psychological worlds.

Our Clinical Team Include:

Valla Walker, Psy.D 

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