Omar Shah, MD


Dr. Shah is a graduate of Baqai Medical University located in Karachi, Pakistan. Before joining the Residency Program, he has completed clinical rotations and externships in hospitals and clinics all over the US, including The University of Pennsylvania, University of Cincinnati and Yale University’s St. Raphael Hospital. In 2009, he completed a year of research in Transplant Immunology at the Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. In 2012, he completed a year and a half of research related to genomics and studies of a number of genes at loci significantly associated with cardiovascular traits at he University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. He also gained a great deal of psychiatric experience in the US including Connections Health Wellness,Beachwood, OH and Puget Sound Psychiatric Center, Bothell, WA. With a love for medicine, psychology, different cultures, peoples and of history, he has found his true calling as a Psychiatrist for which he is pursuing his residency.