Narayan Chaudhary, MD


Coming from Nepal, trained in Pakistan and seeking a new paradigm in health care delivery, my journey towards a career in psychiatry commenced during my pursuit of Behavioral Science Research Fellowship at Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences. Understanding the differences yet similarities between Behavioral Science Research and Psychiatry has often led and inspired me to pursue what I do today and Psychiatry presented itself as the perfect blend of these two worlds. I am extremely happy to be part of such an intellectual community of humble and committed mentors who have worked and pioneered in this field over the last few decades. Every day is lending itself as an opportunity to be a better psychiatry resident, physician and hopefully a better person as well. Me and my wife who have had the pleasure of being in Seattle and raising our Son and Daughter with fascinating community resources such as best schools, parks, lakes, trails, mountains, botanical garden, zoo, history, art and museum.