Elizabeth Thompson, MA, LMHCA

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I am Pre Doctoral Clinical Psychology Intern and a licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in the state of Washington. My objective is to help you achieve your personal goals and create a life that is worth celebrating. Collaboratively, we will work to uncover unhealthy patterns and explore deep rooted issues that may be preventing you from experiencing a more fulfilling, peaceful, and meaningful life. Grounded in depth psychology, I provide an integrative approach to therapy, which promotes personal growth through an equal and empathetic therapeutic relationship. My work in the healing arts involves working with older adolescents, adults, couples, and families, with a specific focus on addiction, co-occurring disorders, trauma, life transitions, and family and relationship issues. My work is focused on helping individuals to identify and change unhealthy patterns that may be inhibiting them from living a happy, successful, and whole life. My goals are to support you in identifying your needs and helping you to cultivate your strengths in order to develop healthy ways of coping and relating.