Dr. Marcus Nemuth

Dr. Marcus Nemuth graduated from Medical College of Virginia with M.D. and graduate degrees in Toxicology and Pharmacology. He completed Residency Training at University of Washington School of Medicine and Behavioral Sciences and was awarded Best Clinical Resident. He became Medical Director of Psychiatry Emergency Service at Puget Sound Veterans Affairs Health Care System, and taught as U.W. School of Medicine Clinical Faculty. He received Meritorious Service Awards for providing care at Mt. Sinai Hospital following 9-11 and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Nemuth has expertise in diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illness in patients in early adolescent, adult, and geriatric stages of life. He practices evidence based psychiatric medical care, and provides supportive recovery model therapy utilizing team approach. In Out-Patient Clinic Dr. Nemuth performs initial intake evaluation and diagnostic assessment, and acute and long-term medication management. His patients remain active in their individual therapy and in treatment of co-existing disorders.