Child & Adolescent Clinic

The Child & Adolescent Clinic focuses on four clusters of problems/disorders that account for the majority of child clinical referrals:

  • anxiety and anxiety disorders;
  • depression and depressive disorders;
  • ADHD and related problems; and
  • conduct problems ranging from early childhood disobedience to adolescent delinquency and violence.

In our work, we synthesize the cumulative expertise of our child psychiatrists and psychologists with the recent frontiers of clinical treatment in this area.

We treat each every case as unique and apply the most relevant modalities based on the children’s and adolescent’s needs. Our treatments include skills building practices that target to improve executive functioning, parent-child interaction treatment, play and other dynamic therapies with or without the use of psychopharmacological interventions.

We also help parents identify their own strengths and learn which interactions with their young children best promote healthy development.

Click here for Skill building practices that target to improve executive functioning

Our Clinical Team Include:

Syed Jamal Mustafa, MD

Valla Walker, Psy.D

*We Specialize in Treatment of Complex Cases

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